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With charismatic customers clad in studded jockstraps and gimp masks, it's safe to say that Barbie Deinhoff's attracts people of all persuasions. Sophisticated, ruby-lipped cross-dressers rub shoulders – and other body parts – with louche local artists and intellectuals, while students lap up the raucous atmosphere and cheap prices. Run by celebrity drag queen Lena Braun, this bright pink Barbie-themed boozer remains one of Berlin's top spots for a fun and debauchery-filled evening. As if the camp, carefree atmosphere wasn't enough, there's also a 2-for-1 happy hour everyday from 6pm-9pm on weeknights and from 4pm on weekends.
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¿When can I see Happy Hour in Berlin?
18:00:00 · Sunday, November 21st

¿Where is Happy Hour in Berlin?

Barbie Deinhoff's

¿How much for Happy Hour at Barbie Deinhoff's?


¿Where is the Barbie Deinhoff's in Berlin?

Schlesische Strasse 16, Kreuzberg


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