Joanna Buchowska Die dritte Hälfte

Joanna Buchowska Die dritte Hälfte

until 04.06. | #3441ARTatBerlin | Galerie Martin Mertens presents from 26. April 2022 the exhibition “Die dritte Hälfte” by the artist Joanna Buchowska. Berlin-based artist Joanna Buchowska is a master of paper collage. She draws from a huge archive of magazines from different decades and with very different content. The spectrum ranges from home and furnishing magazines to fashion magazines to National Geographic or architecture magazines. In a very unusual technique, she sometimes assembles entire building parts to create new buildings or uses elements in a completely different context, so that a room ceiling can become steps or green ladies’ pumps appear at first glance as moss or lichen on a tree trunk. Black and white photos from the 50s or 60s can stand harmoniously next to photos from the 90s in one work and together form an exciting alien-like scenery. Her works have a high painterly quality. They almost seem like painting with paper and sometimes the paper scraps are directly complemented by small painterly interventions or the painting acts as a connecting element between different collaged photos. The paper scraps are glued to a canvas so that they take on a more solid object character than a framed […]
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¿When can I see Joanna Buchowska Die dritte Hälfte in Berlin?
From Tuesday, April 26th to Saturday, June 4th

¿Where is Joanna Buchowska Die dritte Hälfte in Berlin?

Galerie Martin Mertens

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