Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Fancy high-quality cut glasses, which are frozen at -27° C before being filled with drinks and therefor keep the cold way longer than usually, are just one of the signs that this cocktail bar has very high standards on traditional bar keeping. Limonadier represents the style and flair of the Golden Twenties. Fresh ingredients are used for lemonades, bitters and liqueurs. Mixed drinks are also made with fresh juices and the finest spirits. Classics include “Negron” and “Paloma”, other drinks are called something like “Fog Cutter” or “Spiced Figs Swizzle”. During the happy hour (07:00 pm – 08:00 pm) most cocktails cost 7 Euro, some special creations cost 9 Euro.
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¿When can I see Happy Hour in Berlin?
19:00:00 · Sunday, November 21st

¿Where is Happy Hour in Berlin?


¿How much for Happy Hour at Limonadier?


¿Where is the Limonadier in Berlin?

Nostizstraße 12 10961