Happy Hour

Happy Hour

I'm well known for being the best bar in London (and probably in the world). People like me because I look really good and sell nice drinks. People say I am sexy and good looking but I just shrug it off and don't let my ego get too big, no one likes a show-off. I am located a few minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus station, I can be hired out for private parties and I have a notoriously eclectic musical taste; ranging from disco to funk to 80's to hip-hop.
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¿When can I see Happy Hour in London?
15:00:00 · Tuesday, November 23rd

¿Where is Happy Hour in London?

Simmons Piccadilly Circus

¿How much for Happy Hour at Simmons Piccadilly Circus?


¿Where is the Simmons Piccadilly Circus in London?

4 Golden Square