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Please note the kids play area is currently closed, and there is newly adapted technology in place due to COVID-19. If you think The Postal Museum is just about getting your letters sent, think again! With a train ride, an adventure play zone and even a lion (?!), post has taken on a whole new meaning. Hop aboard the Mail Rail, a miniature train which takes you on an underground exploration, with more than a few surprises… Mail Rail will speed you through old-fashioned tunnels and platforms, before dropping kids off ready for more fun at Sorted! - the postal play space where kids under 8 can immerse themselves in a tiny town of slides, chutes and trolleys.
Tags: what-to-do-with-kids.
¿When can I see The Postal Museum in London?
10:30:00 · Monday, November 22nd

¿Where is The Postal Museum in London?

The Postal Museum

¿How much for The Postal Museum at The Postal Museum?


¿Where is the The Postal Museum in London?

15-20 Phoenix Place WC1X 0DA


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