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onversa Active Learning Centre is a Centre unlike any other in Madrid. Located in Carabanchel Alto, this centre is a language academy and also offers mulitcultural cooking classes. The centre offers English, French, and Mandarin classes for both children and adults. They also offer cooking classes for many different countries, including many Middle Eastern and East Asian countries. These are also available for children, adults, or as a family! Kiddobytes is a learning centre located in the barrio of Prosperidad-where technology and fun go together. The idea of Kiddobytes is to help children not only learn but design their own future. Every day there are huge technological advancements-to the point that many future professions don’t even exist yet. To kick off the year, one of the big proposals for the family is the Inverfest, a festival with diverse artistic proposals, such as music, cinema or poetry. The Inverfest programme includes a cycle for kids, Inverfest New Rockers, where groups like Petit Pop, Gemeliers or Los chicos del Coro have performed.
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¿When can I see Inverfest New Rockers in Madrid?
12:00:00 · Sunday, January 16th

¿Where is Inverfest New Rockers in Madrid?

Rda. de Atocha

¿How much for Inverfest New Rockers at Rda. de Atocha?


¿Where is the Rda. de Atocha in Madrid?

35, 28012 Madrid


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