Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Buya Izakaya + Yakitori has been a straight-up patriot to the streetwise Wynwood ideal since its inception last year. They know what the people want. They know what the people need. They are the people. Erected under a “high-spirited, high-merited” philosophy, the Japanese-style Izakaya is the perfect equation for that Friday-night-vibe we all love. We’re talking opaque neon lights illuminating hotpot steam. Vintage 20th-century posters and live painting. Waxed woodgrain and canned sake. It’s a bar, restaurant, and exhibition hall all in one. The best part is the menu is affordable and delicious—and comes with a few perks. Between Monday and Friday from 3-6 pm, Buya’s happy hour is on and in full effect. Let’s start with the steamed buns: Their Shiitake Mushroom Bun (usually $8) and Pork Belly Bun (usually $10) cost just $4 each! And they add a Short Rib and Tsukune option to the menu for the same bargain. Like… come on. As if that wasn’t enough, you and your buds can split a Karaage plate for just 40% of the original price during this time. Shall we continue? Let’s do drinks: Find yourself choosing between bushido sake, a number of draft beers, or red or white wine—all $4 a pop. Plus, the staff are super friendly and easy to tell your secrets to. Boom! What more could one want from a happy hour?
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¿When can I see Happy Hour in Miami?
15:00:00 · Saturday, November 20th

¿Where is Happy Hour in Miami?

Buya Izakaya + Yakitori

¿How much for Happy Hour at Buya Izakaya + Yakitori?


¿Where is the Buya Izakaya + Yakitori in Miami?

250 NW 24th Street,