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From the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla, learn how primates have evolved and adapted over time in Monkey Business. Immerse yourself in the heart of the forest to discover how primates live, move, eat, play and interact. Explore the relationship between humans and other primates – our closest living relatives. With over 7 billion humans on the planet, primates have been forced to live with an expanding human presence. Human activity is putting many primate species at risk of extinction, but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Tags: what-to-do-with-kids.
¿When can I see Monkey Business in London?
10:00:00 · Monday, November 30th

¿Where is Monkey Business in London?

Horniman Museum & Gardens

¿How much for Monkey Business at Horniman Museum & Gardens?


¿Where is the Horniman Museum & Gardens in London?

100 London Road, Forest Hill London SE23 3PQ


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