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Learn Wing Chun and you will never have to be bigger and stronger than an attacker in order to feel safe. Wing Chun is comprised from practical and efficient core principles focusing on absorbing, redirecting and utilising incoming energy to one\'s own advantage; this makes it ideal for people of any size, age or gender. Protecting one\'s self with Wing Chun concepts is comparable to fighting fire with water, removing all of the fancy movement and focusing on effective techniques passed down throu
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¿When can I see Classical Wing Chun London (Islington) in London UK?
20:00:00 20:00:00 · Thursday, August 25th

¿Where is Classical Wing Chun London (Islington) in London UK?

The Arc Centre

¿How much for Classical Wing Chun London (Islington) at The Arc Centre?


¿Where is the The Arc Centre in London UK?

98 St Pauls Centre, Islington, N1 7DF

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